Request for submission an information on X-ray equipment for computed tomography

The Social Health insurance Project is co-financed by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (the World Bank)  and is implemented from 2017 to 2021 Its  objective is to improve accessibility, quality, and efficiency of health service delivery, and reduce financial risks to the population that are caused by serious health problems. The executing agency is the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan (the Ministry).

Bearing in mind the current epidemiological situation in the country, the Ministry intends to use part of the funds to purchase of X-ray equipment for computed tomography.

In order to study the market and possible procurement hereby, please provide the following information:

  1. Actual availability of the above equipment (equipment must be new), including information on models and manufacturers, recommended prices (including the cost of manufacturer), and maximum delivery terms.
  2. Information on a possibility of delivery in a weekly period (within no more than 7 days).

Please provide information until 04/13/2020 by e-mail to the following address: