REQUEST FOR EXPRESSION OF INTEREST: positions of 2 Project managers for implementation of priority PPP projects in health sector, Contract №SHIP-2.1/IC-07/8/1, Contract №SHIP-2.1/IC-07/12/1



Social Health Insurance Project

Consulting services – Individual Consultant

Assignment Title: positions of 2 Project managers for implementation of priority PPP projects in health sector

The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan within the Social Health Insurance Project (Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan as of May 30, 2017 “on ratification of Loan Agreement (Social Health Insurance Project) between the Government of Kazakhstan and International Bank for Reconstruction and Development) announces the bidding for vacant positions of 2 Project managers for implementation of priority PPP projects in health sector.

One of the key pillars of the State Health Development Program of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the period of 2020-2025 years is to improve investment climate in health sector. The main objective for improvement of investment climate in health sector will be the promotion of territorial accessibility of health facilities for the population. Rationalization of work of 24-hours hospitals will be continued through unification of multidisciplinary health facilities into the composition of multidisciplinary hospitals taking into account the objectives of the Unified Perspective Plan for Healthcare Infrastructure Development.

Instead of a number of outdated small and narrow-profile hospital facilities, large multidisciplinary medical centers will be built, the creation of which will be carried out by involving private partners, including through the public-private partnerships (hereinafter – PPP), concessions with reimbursement of investment costs. Until the end of 2025, using the PPP mechanism, it is planned to implement 20 projects for the construction of modern multidisciplinary hospitals with a total capacity of 10,000 beds.

PPP Projects Management Office (Project Office) dealing with the implementation of PPP projects in healthcare was established in June 2019, based on the instructions of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan. As part of the activities aimed at establishing the Project Office, it is planned to employ 6 Project Managers, with the task for each one to coordinate one priority PPP project in healthcare.


The main objective of this assignment is to coordinate all business processes between the Contractor and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan (the Client) for successful implementing PPP projects in health sector.

Scope of Services

Management and coordination of processes related to PPP project implementation. Provision of consulting services on improvement of legislation for PPP issues, coordinating the main parameters of PPP projects with optimal proposals for their implementation, as well as the coordination of activities of all Parties in the course of implementation of PPP projects.

Consultant’s functionsTo think over and draw up a plan for project preparation and implementation, to determine the control points, namely:

  1. To determine charter, objectives, tasks and outcomes of the project.
  2. To determine the scope of work required for project development and implementation.
  3. To estimate duration of the work, to set up a critical path.
  4. To determine the amount of time required for the project.
  5. To record and compile reports on the results of work.
  6. To determine the quantity and cost estimate of the resources required for project implementation;
  7. To set up a chain of relationships between the Project Team members;
  8. To analyze the possible impact of deviations in the amount of work done upon the project progress as a whole;
  9. To work closely with the responsible persons who will participate in project development and implementation processes;
  10. To generate a Register and documented evidence of the services used for implementation of a new project for their subsequent delivery to the Client;
  11. To monitor the compliance of project development and implementation processes with deadlines, to control over project budget changes;
  12. Tracking deviations from the plan and make adjustments to the plan and coordinate it with all project participants;
  13. To coordinate the submission of required information to all project participants in due time;
  14. To initiate meetings and their planning in the course of project implementation;
  15. To control the activities on projects development and implementation and, if necessary, adjust these processes;
  16. To participate in the development of regulations, strategies and other legislative documents on PPP issues.

Duration of assignment:

6 months.

Qualification requirements:

The Consultant shall meet the following qualification requirements:

  • Graduate Economic/Financial education/Medical (academic degree in the field of Project Management would be an advantage).
  • Experience in the field of Project Management and Private – Public partnership will be an advantage.
  • To have knowledge in MS Office, Project to manage projects and tasks.
  • English language proficiency of at least B2 level, Kazakh language proficiency – is recommended.
  • Ability to work with large volumes of information, sociability, stress tolerance, focus on results, initiative, diligence, responsibility.
  • Experience in providing consulting services in health sector – would be advantage.

Individual Consultant will be selected in accordance with the procedures set out in the World Bank’s Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers under IBRD loans and IDA credits and grants (January 2011 with revisions as of July 2014).

All candidates responsive to qualification requirements willing to participate in the bidding are requested by the deadline of January 22, 2021 to submit their CVs in Russian and/or English as well as the information demonstrating their qualification to perform the assignment, to the e-mail:, wanted position should be obligatory indicated in the topic of the letter.

Contacts: +77172472936